Presentations of IRIC 2014


Welcome Address – Prof. Clement Dzidonu, President, Accra Institute of technology (AIT)

Chairperson’s Opening Remarks: Prof. Emmanuel Owusu-Bennoah, University of Ghana

Keynote Address – Dr. Abdulai Baba Salifu, Director-General, CSIR

Conference Objectives & Agenda – Dr. Essel Ben Hagan, Conference Coordinator

Chairperson’s Closing Remarks: Prof. Emmanuel Owusu-Bennoah, University of Ghana


Track 1: Business, Management & Entrepreneurship


Prof. T.B. Wereko,Accra Institute of Technology

Organisational Culture in Private Universities in Ghana: Evidence from a University College  Download Slide

Acquah, H.E.A. & Zogbator, B.E.

Enhancing the Gift Tax System: The Case of Ghana  Download Slide

Asante, C. & Frimpong, S.K.

Fundamental Issues of Regulation and Supervision of Microfinancing in Ghana Download Slide

Avortri, C. & T. Wereko, T.B.

Assessment of the Effectiveness of Strategies Adopted for Academic Records Keeping and Management Practices: A Case Study of Tertiary Institutions in Ghana   Download Slide

Azameti, M.S.K. & Adjei, E.

Track 2: Advances in Computing Sciences     Chairperson:

Mateko Okantey, Wisconsin International University College

Configuration of Access Control and Implicit Authentication Methods to Support Electronic Health Records Systems within a Cloud Computing Environment  Download Slide

 Achampong, E.K. & Dzidonu, C.K

New Dimensions of Intelligent Authentication Systems Download Slide

 Agblewornu, V. & Danquah, P.

Analysis of the Nature, the Scope and the Extent to which the Phenomenon of Information Overload Exist within a Given Industry  Download Slide

 Akorfu, G.K.S.

STUMP: a model for the adoption, implementation and use of m-learning or e-learning Platform  Download Slide

Annan, N.K.

Track 3:Educational Technology & Innovation Chairperson:

Dr. Hillar Addo, University of Professional Studies, Accra

Conflict Resolution in Higher Education Institutions: The Case of a Ghanaian Public Universities  Download Slide

 Bampo-Addo, H.

An Exploratory Factor Analysis Framework for Analysing the Challenges to the Deployment of Technologies in Higher Institutions of Learning      Download Slide

Boison, B.T.K. & Dzidonu, C.K

An Examination of Gender Differences in Mathematics Participation and Performance in Ghanaian High Schools: Analysis of WASSCE Results  Download Slide

Mireku, D.A.

Towards a Contextual Approach to Preschool Teacher Education In Ghana   Download Slide

 Nyarko, N.Y.A. & Mate Kole, C.C.

Track 4: Food & Agriculture Technologies & Innovation Chairperson:

Dr. Godfried Frimpong, CSIR-Science & Technology Policy Research Institute

Harnessing Plant Genetic Resources of Neglected and Underutilized Crop Species for Nutrition, Food Security and Health in Africa 

Download Slide

Nyadanu, D. & Aboagye, L. M.

Implications of Agricultural Knowledge and Information Systems on Technology Development and Dissemination in Ghana: A Review  Download Slide

 Akuffobea, M., Adade, P., Asare, R. & Essegbey, G.O.

Formulation and Protein Analysis of Fish Feed Incorporated with Annatto Seeds   Download Slide

 Ofosu, I.W., Yeboah- Awudzi, M. & Dadson, J. K.

Some Advances in Plant Genetic Resources Management in Ghana  Download Slide

 Nyadanu, D. &   Aboagye, L. M.

Development of Uniform Tomato Fruits in Ghana Using Pure Line Selection  Download Slide

 Osei, M.K., Bonsu, K. O., Adu-Gyamfi K. & Frimpong M.


Track 1: Educational Technology & Innovation


Frederick Doe, University of Professional Studies, Accra

A Bio-Ecological Theory Based Framework for Exploring Technology User Environments in Higher Educational Institutions   Download Slide

Boison, B.T.K. & Dzidonu, C.K

Pre-Retirement Planning of the Staff of Accra and Ada Colleges of Education  Download Slide

Oteng, B.

Evaluating the Management of Free and Compulsory Basic Education to promote Child’s Right to Education in Ghana from 1992-2013

Download Slide

Tchouchu, E.

Utilisation of Knowledge in Emerging Technologies in Teacher Education: Insights from Students of Higher Institution Download Slide

Wilson, K.B. & Boateng, K.A.

Gender Roles in the Ghanaian Society and Technological Innovation at Accra Polytechnic, Ghana Download Slide

Adasi, G.S. & Ganaa, F.K.

Track 2: Engineering & Infrastructure


Ing. Dr. Ben Aggrey Ntim, Accra Institute of Technology      

Correlating Engineering and Development – The case of Mechanical Engineering in Africa Download Slide

Sackey, S.M.

A Stepwise Approach to Obtaining Solution to the Burridge-Knopoff Model  Download Slide

Benson, M.A.

Statistical Analysis of Compartment Permeability Influence on Damaged Ship Motions  Download Slide

Domeh, D.V.K. & Lartey, D.

Application of Modern Tools and Techniques for Equipment Maintenance in Ghanaian Industry  Download Slide

Sackey, S.M. & Ribeiro, J.X.S.

Track 3: Energy, Health and Environment


Kofi Amponsah Bediako, Ghana Standards Authority

Development and validation of Healthcare Service Quality Construct for Ghana’s Health Sector  Download Slide

Yeboah, J.G. & Nartey, B

Biomedical Science: Animal Testing in Antibiotics Production  Download Slide

Edeki, C.

Occupational Health and Safety Practices Among the Informal Sector Auto Mechanics in the Sekyere East District of Ghana
Download Slide

Agyemang, J.K. & Amfo-Otu, R.

A Three-State Markov Chain Model of Plasmodium Falciparum Parasitemia Transmission in Ghana  Download Slide

Pobbi, M. A. & Oduro, F.T.

Collaborative Community Based Technology to improve Maternal and Child Health in Ghana  Download Slide

Aflakpui, B.E.

Relationship between Obesity, Socio-Economic Well-Being, and Hospital Visits of Outpatients at the South Suntreso Hospital in Kumasi Download Slide

Addo-Gyan, D. K., Asare, M., Arthur, F. K. N., & Dadson, J.K.

Healthcare Service Quality and Patients’ Satisfaction: an In-Patient Centered Approach Download Slide

Yeboah, J.G. & Nartey, B

Track 4: Advances in Computing Sciences


Kwaku Ofosu Adarkwa, Accra Institute of Technology    

Towards A Customer Trust Electronic Banking Model  Download Slide

Aimufua, G.I.O. & Dzidonu, C.K.

Towards the Determination of Realism Value in Online Laboratory Experiments  Download Slide

Bugyei, R. & Dzidonu, C.K.

Switching Intentions, Partial and Total Switching in Mobile Telecom Industry in Ghana Download Slide

Nimako, S.G. & Owusu, E.

An Effectiveness of Computer Based Tutorial over the Traditional Method of Teaching Brick Wall Bonding
Download Slide

Sackey, P.J., Hiran, K.K. &                             Boa, K.


Track 1: Engineering & Infrastructure


Ing. Carlien Bou-Chedid, Ghana Institution of Engineers

The State of Maintenance of Urban Regeneration Projects in Ghana: A Case Study of the Achimota Transport Terminal
Download Slide

Asante, L.A. & Sasu, A.

Concept of Delamination Strength in Drilling of Composites
Download Slide

Sackey, S.M. & Owusu-Ofori, S.P.

Total Quality Management (TQM): Comparative Assessment of the Impact on the Performance of Large, Medium and Small Building Construction Firms in Ghana Download Slide

Yussif, H.

Track 2: Advances in Computing Sciences


Dr. Emmanuel S. Asamoah, Dominion University College

Design Assumptions and Evaluation of Delay Tolerant Network Routing protocols; a Comparative Study Download Slide

 Gyampoh, E.Y.

Selective and Lossless Encryption Algorithm for Real Time Video Transmission Download Slide

Hiran, K.K. & Doshi, R.

Towards a Robust Learner-Driven Framework for Integrating Video Presentation Technologies into the Teaching and Learning Space  Download Slide

Kumi, M.A. & Dzidonu, C.K

Track 3: Science, Technology & Innovation (STI)  


Prof. Ralph Mills-Tettey, Ghana Academy of Arts & Sciences

The Role of Science Technology and Innovation in Socio-economic Development of Ghana – Linking Research to the private sector at the CSIR-Technology Transfer and Development Centre (TDTC)

Download Slide

Essegbey, G.O., Quaye, W., Decker,   E. & Onumah, J.

Product Innovation Among Ghanaian Firms- The Contribution of Research and Development   Download Slide

Adade, P., Akuffobea, M., Asare, R. & Essegbey, G.O.

Maximizing the benefits of technology in emerging economies: the prospects and challenges of technology transfer to local firms in Ghana Download Slide

Essel, S.A.

Track 4: Business, Management & Entrepreneurship


Emelia Danquah, Koforidua Polytechnic              

A Conceptual Framework Explaining Strategies Tertiary Institutions Adopted For Managing Academic Records: Its Effectiveness, Philosophy And Implication For Quality Service Delivery Download Slide

 Azameti, M.S.K., Annan, N.K. & Adjei, E.      

The Deployment of Emerging Technologies in Tertiary Institutions: Exploring the Business Case  Download Slide

 Boakye, A.N.  

Marketing Mix as a Strategy in Agribusiness Download Slide

 Dodor, A.



Track 1: Energy, Health and Environment


Dr. Gabriel Laryea, CSIR-Institute of Industrial Research

Fuel Wood Properties of Ghanaian Hardwoods Download Slide

Okoh, E.T.

Developing a Dimensioning Tool for Photovoltaic Water Pumping System Download Slide

Acakpovi, A., Fifatin, F.X., Hagan, E.B. & Dzidonu, C.K

UASB/Anammox technology: A sustainable approach for energy recovery and cost effective nitrogen removal from wastewater

Download Slide

Owusu-Agyeman, I.

Solid Waste Management Issues in the City of Accra, Ghana: The Challenges and Opportunities Download Slide

 Braimah, F.

Track 2: Advances in Computing Sciences


Ben Ocra, Accra Institute of Technology

Developing a switching index for mobile telecommunication industry Download Slide

Nimako, S.G. & Ntim, B.A.

Increased Productivity through Network Performance Management Download Slide

Okyere-Dankwa, S.

Mobile Learning: An Analysis The Changing Educational Paradigm Using Mobile Technologies Download Slide

Nettey, D.N.N & Dzidonu, C.K.



Track 3: Engineering & Infrastructure


Ing. Dr. Robert Adjaye, Petroleum Skills Development Institute

An Empirical Scheme for Drilling Delamination-free Holes in Composites Download Slide

Sackey, S.M. & Owusu-Ofori, S.P.

An Investigation into Metering of Bulk Electricity using Summation Current Transformer (SCT): A Case Study of Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) Download Slide

Acakpovi, A., Hagan, E.B. & Abiwu, C.

Track 4: Business, Management & Entrepreneurship


Mavis Effie Ansah, Accra Institute of Technology

Implementing the Internal Marketing Philosophy: The Role of Organizational Culture Download Slide

Gyepi-Garbrah , T.F.

Browsing habits of Teens in Africa for Marketers: An Empirical Review Download Slide

Mittal, M.

International financial reporting standards in practice and fundamental accounting concepts and conventions: a review approach Download Slide

Queku, I.C.

The Influence of Organizational Politics on Internal Market Orientation: Perspectives from the Public Sector Download Slide

Gyepi-Garbrah, T.F. & Asamoah, E.S.


Track 1: Energy, Health and Environment


Amevi Acakpovi, Accra Polytechnic

Burglar-Proofed Residential Houses and Fire Egress Emergencies in Ghana: Case Study of Ayeduase-New Site, Kumasi Download Slide

Oppong, R.A. & Solomon-Ayeh, B.

Sediment Yields Estimation and Identification of their Sources in Lake Tanganyika Basin - The Case of Mulongwe Sub Catchment, Uvira City, DR Congo Download Slide

Séverin, O. M.

Noise Pollution in Teshie-Nungua Schools Download Slide

Sowah, R.A., Yankson A.A., Carboo,D. & Adaboh R.K.


Track 2: Business, Management & Entrepreneurship


Christopher Boachie, Central University College  

The Truism of Academic Records Management Practices and Associated Challenges: A Contextual Analysis In Tertiary Institutions In Ghana Download Slide

Azameti, M.S.K. & Adjei, E.

Examining the Involvement of the Community in Policy Making Process of Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) in Ghana
Download Slide

Tchouchu, E.

Track 3: Advances in Computing Sciences


Prof. Clement Dzidonu, Accra Institute of Technology

Optimizing Attribute-based Encryption to Secure Electronic Health Records System within a Cloud Computing Environment
Download Slide

Achampong, E.K. & Dzidonu, C.K

The Usage of Established Characteristics of Good Information for the Determination of Information Required for Decision Making in the Current Information Age Download Slide

Akorfu, G.K.S.

Track 4: Food & Agriculture Technologies & Innovation


Eric Osei, Council for Scientific & Industrial Research

Capacity Building of Tomato Farmers in Ghana: The Case of IPM Package Download Slide

Osei, M.K., Mochiah, M.B., Miller, S. & Gilbertson, R.L.

Characterization of Turkey Berry (Solanum Torvum) - Fresh, Dry and Powder Download Slide

 Otu, P.N.Y., Adi, D.D. & Ayisi, P.E.A.


Closing Remarks 1: Dr. Essel Ben Hagan, Conference Coordinator

Closing Remarks 2: Prof. Clement K. Dzidonu, Accra Institute of Technology (AIT)