IRIC 2014 Presentations

A Bio-Ecological Theory Based Framework for Exploring Technology User Environments in Higher Educational Institutions

Benjamin T.K. Boison and Clement Dzidonu

A Conceptual Framework Explaining Strategies Tertiary Institutions Adopted For Managing Academic Records

Moses S. K. Azameti, Nana K. Annan & Emmanuel Adjei

A Markov Chain Model Of Plasmodium Falciparum Parasitemia Transmission

Michael A. Pobbi1, Francis T Oduro

A Stepwise Approach To Obtaining Solution To The Burridge-Knopoff Model

Michael Adu Benson

An Effectiveness of Computer Based Tutorial over the Traditional Method of Teaching Brick Wall Bonding

Prince Joseph Sackey, Kamal Kant Hiran, Kankam Boa

An Investigation into Summation Metering: Case Study of Electricity Company (ECG) of Ghana

Amevi Acakpovi and Essel Ben Hagan

Analysis Of The Nature, The Scope And The Extent To Which The Phenomenon Of Information Overload Exist Within A Given Industry

George K. S. Akorfu

Application of Modern Tools and Techniques for Equipment Maintenance in Ghanaian Industry

Ribeiro, J. & Sackey, S.M. (Phd)

Assessment of the Effectiveness of Strategies Adopted for Academic Records keeping and Management Practices : A Case Study of Tertiary Institutions in Ghana

Moses S. K. Azameti

Browsing habits of teens in Africa for marketers : An Empirical Review

Manish Mittal

Capacity Building Of Tomato Farmers In Ghana : The Case Of Ipm

M.K. Osei, M.B. Mochiah, S.A. Miller, R. L. Gilbertson

Characterization Of Turkey Berry (Solanum Torvum) – Fresh, Dry & Powder

Otu, P.N.Y., Adi, D.D. & Ayisi, P.E.A.

Conflict Resolution In Higher Education Institutions: The Case Of Ghanaian Public Universities

Hagar Bampoh-Addo

Correlating Engineering with Development – the Case of Mechanical Engineering in Africa

Sackey, S.M. (Phd)

Design Assumptions and Evaluation of Delay Tolerant Network Routing protocols; a Comparative Study

Edmond Yeboah Gyampoh

Developing a Dimensioning tool for Photovoltaic Water Pumping System

Amevi Acakpovi, Francois Xavier Fifatin, Essel Ben Hagan and Clement Dzidonu

Developing A Switching Index For Mobile Telecommunication Industry

Simon Gyasi Nimako, Dr. Benjamin A. Ntim