Examining the Involvement of the Communi
ty in Policy Making Process of Accra
Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) in Ghana.
Emmanuel Tchouchu (BA; PGDE, MA, M. Phil)
“Community engagement and participation in decision making is essential for a truly
sustainable community." McIntyre
(2011) However, several studies have indicated that, in
general, the people living in the community within which policies enacted intent to be
implemented are not always consulted to ascertain their views, their aspirations let alone the
vision they
have for their community at the time policies are being enacted. This has
made the implementation of policies enacted difficult and the success of development
programmes in the community problematic. It was in an attempt to imp
rove the current
situation that this study sought to examine the involvement of the grass root people in the
enactment of policies of Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) in Ghana.
The study was exploratory in nature and used qualitative method design. The
target population
was made up of all the people living in the communities of AMA. A thorough research search
as well as a sample of 20 people was picked for in
depth interview. The respondents were
selected using the purposive sampling techni
que. Data collected were analyzed following a
headings’ pattern, and discussions were done with objectivity in an attempt to achieve the
research objectives. Recommendations made were in twofold: (1) to commit all policy
stakeholders including AMA
to faithfully play their role in ensuring the right
involvement of the grass root people in the development policy making process; and (2) to
open ways for further studies.
Key words: grass root, involvement, policy making, and development