fish Sample Database
fish sample database is being distributed to provide users with a solid database on
which to work for learning the tools of GRASS. This document provides some general
information about the database and the map layers available.
With the release of GRA
SS 4.1, the GRASS development staffispleased to announce that the
sample data set spear
fish is also being distributed. The spearfish data set covers twotopographic
1:24,000 quads in western South Dakota. The names of the quads are Spear
fish and Deadwood
, SD. The area cov
ered by the data set is in the vicinity of Spear
fish, SD and includes a
majority of the Black Hills National Forest (i.e., Mount Rushmore). It is anticipated that enough
data layers will be provided to allowusers to use nearly all of the
GRASS tools on the spear
data set.
Amajority of this spear
fish database was initially provided to USACERL by the EROS Data
Center (EDC) in Sioux Falls, SD. The GRASS Development staffexpresses acknowledgement
and thanks to: the U.S. Geological Survey (U
SGS) and EROS Data Center for allowing us to
distribute this data with our release of GRASS software; and to the U.S. Census Bureau for
their samples of TIGER/Line data and the STF1 data which were used in the development of
the TIGER programs and tutorial
s. Thanks also to SPOTI
mage Corporation for providing
multispectral and panchromatic satellite imagery for a portion of the spear
fish data set and for
allowing us to distribute this imagery with GRASS software. In addition to the data provided by
the EDC
and SPOT, researchers at USACERL have dev eloped several newlayers, thus
enhancing the spear
fish data set.