Effectiveness of Computer Based Tutorial over the Traditional Method of Teaching Brick
Wall Bonding
Prince Joseph Sackey
Lecturer, Dept of IT, Sikkim Manipal University,Ghana
Kamal Kant Hiran
Head, Dep
artment of IT, Sikkim Manipal University, Ghana
Abstract: The study compared computer
based tutorial (CBT) and the ‘traditional’ method of
teaching brick wall bonding. The study was necessary due to indisposedness of teachers and
learners during the peri
ods of academic work and its effect on learners’ progress per the
syllabus. In addition, the enhancing effect of information technology on general education
has become the focus of many research studies. The quasi
experimental pretest
test non
equivalent groups design was used for the study and the experiment was conducted with second
year students studying Building Construction at the Armed Forces Senior High Technical
School and Kumasi Senior High Technical School. In al
l, 30 students (15 from each school
selected by simple random sampling) participated in the study. Before the treatment was
effected students were tested to identify their knowledge level and it was realized that
the t
value (
0.67) was l
ess than the p
value (0.51) indicating that there was no significant
different among the two groups. Consequently, the treatment was effected after which it was
revealed that in all cases of the achievement tests conducted, the t
value was greater than the
value. This led to the rejection of the hypothesis that students instructed by Computer Based
Tutorial method will perform the same, in terms of achievement test scores, as students
instructed by Traditional Method of Teaching brick wall bondi
ng. The results revealed
that the experimental group outperformed the control group in the achievement test in
all aspects of the test. The CBT programme benefited students in the form of higher scores.
It was recommended that CBT sho
uld be incorporated into the teaching of technical subjects at
the senior high school level.