Marketing Mix as a Stra
tegy in Agribusiness.
Ann Dodor
Accra Institute of Technology. P.O.Box AN
19782.Accra North, Ghana.
The marketing mix is an important part of the marketing strategy and consists of the
marketing tools to be used to sell the products. A nu
mber of different approaches have
been taken in studying marketing strategy adopted by farmers and distributors to sell
farm produce. Attention is then required to coordinate and integrate marketing strategy
across regions and
towns. This paper is part of a larger study on the marketing mix
as a strategy in agribusiness. The paper critically reviews strategies used by farmers and
distributors to market farm produce. The paper also argues that the design o
f a
marketing strategy is thus a continually evolving and adaptive process requiring an
ability to respond to new demand and competitive factors as well as changing environmental
conditions and pressures. As the firm expands, attention shifts to
deciding how far to tailor
various elements of the marketing mix to the local market characteristics. The paper
acknowledges that a marketing strategy defines objectives and describes the way to
satisfy customers in a chosen market. The pap
er concludes that making and using a marketing
strategy in agribusiness has a strong positive impact on business performance and