Optimizing Attribute
based Encryption to Secure Electronic Health Records
System within a Cloud Computing Environment
Emmanuel Kusi Achampong1 and Clement Dzidonu2
1Department of Medical
Education & IT, School of Medical Sci
ences, University of Cape Coast, Cape Coast
2Accra Institute of Technology (AIT)
The paper proposes an advanced attribute
based encryption (A2BE) method that simplifies
the distribution of encryption and decryption keys to the unknow
n users of Electronic Health
Records (EHR) in the cloud environment.
The distribution of encryption and decryption keys in the cloud setting has been a challenge
among the unknown users of the cloud EHR. Simplification of the cryptography dis
system will ensure that the system is able to grant decryption keys to authorized users by
employing an advanced attribute
based system (ABE). The application and use of ABE has
been within controlled environments and its complex computational is
sues have made it
unusable among healthcare institutions.
The paper review challenges with the current attribute
based encryption system which has
been adjudged the best for EHR. The approach revises the complex computational issues
surrounding th
e use of ABE in healthcare cloud environments.
Based on the analyses, the paper suggests methods for simplifying the distribution channels
of encryption and decryption keys based on attributes and implicit authentication. The
method employed will
assist in the development of architecture for the distribution of
encryption and decryption keys for users of EHR in the cloud environment. The paper
illustrates implementation of a prototype of the architecture in healthcare cloud environment.
Advanced attribute
based encryption provides a secured EHR to prevent unauthorized access
by any user in the cloud environment.