book of abstracts

Adaptronic Transformer Casing Refined Development Based on Box Model from computer science

November 2020

Quist Mirable Jethro, Professor Amevi Ackapovi

Comparative Study Of Non-Uniform Rayleigh Beam With Variable Axial Force Resting On Bi-Parametric Foundation Under Concentrated And Distributed Moving Loads

November 2020

JACOBS, Gabriel Ojonugwa, Musa Bawa, ADEWUYI, Oyetade Sunday, Baba Wachiko, Salisu Abdullahi

Effect Of Stress And Load Distribution Analysis On An Isotropic Rectangular Plate

November 2020

Onyeka, F.C. , Ibearugbulem, O. M

Evaluating ERP Systems effectiveness in Ghanaian Higher Education: A Multiple Case Study Approach

November 2020

Peters E.; Aggrey G.K.; Acakpovi A.

Impact Of Parental Involvement In Early Childhood Education

November 2020

Sophia Patience Graham

Strategic Innovation And Management In Emerging Markets: Business Strategies And Firms Innovation For Development

November 2020

Emmanuel Opoku

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