Developing a Dimensioning tool for Photovoltaic Water Pumping System

Author(s): Amevi Acakpovi , Francois Xavier Fifatin , Essel Ben Hagan and Clement Dzidonu


Photovoltaic water pumping system (PWPS) is an emerging technology that possesses great advantages among which the non-interruption of supply due to the great availability of solar resource and also the convenience of exploiting solar resource in remote and uncovered areas by national grid or in desert. However, the sizing of photovoltaic water pumping system has been a great challenge involving intensive mathematical calculations and also long collection of data on solar radiation and weather parameters such as temperature, humidity and others. Notwithstanding, an accurate sizing of the PWPS is very important in the sense that an oversizing can result in heavy nancial burden while an under-sizing may not satisfy the targeted population in terms of water need

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