A Literature Review of Leadership styles on Performance from faculty perspective at universities in Ghana.

Author(s): Hannah E. A. Acquah & Benjamin Edem Zogbator


Purpose – was to portray the state of the art in university leadership. This paper is a theoretical study on the effectiveness of leadership style on faculty staff performance of universities in Ghana.

• Study adopts an exploratory approach by reviewing and analyzing the views of scholars and practitioners in the area of university leadership. It is evident from the literature reviewed that different leadership styles may affect an organization’s effectiveness and performance.

• The research further revealed that the performance of faculty depends greatly on leadership and that leadership skills truly do matter in improving performance of staff of universities and it is highly likely that the optimum leadership style is an integrated one.

• University leaders should behave mainly as transformational leaders, moderately leveraging transactional relationships with their followers and heavily leveraging the importance of preserving integrity and ethics in the fulfilment of tasks.

Keyword(s): Leadership, faculty, staff, performance, university

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