Application of Modern Tools and Techniques for Equipment Maintenance in Ghanaian Industry

Author(s): Ribeiro, J. & Sackey, S.M. (Phd)


Modern maintenance worldwide now heavily dependent on special tools and techniques being used for equipment maintenance/repair. Examples: predictive maintenance involving condition monitoring, reliability-centered maintenance (Gebauer, 2008), design-out maintenance aiming at eliminating persistent maintenance problems related to poor original equipment design (Jain, 2013), plethora of new maintenance strategies labeled as “e-maintenance” well in place in many countries. Modern e-maintenance strategies include: e-condition-based maintenance (e-CBM) and e-computer maintenance management system (e-CMMS) (Tsang, 2002; Mullera, 2008, Kumar, 2013). Successful deployment of these and other systems in industry requires the availability of quality infrastructural inputs in the form of tools and techniques. Pressures of globalization also mean that emerging economies such as Ghana’s cannot afford to be left out of these developments. However, research on maintenance/repair issues in Ghanaian manufacturing generally scarce. This work investigates extent of adoption and application by manufacturing companies in Ghana of modern tools and techniques for effective maintenance and repair of plant and machinery.

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