Correlating Engineering with Development – the Case of Mechanical Engineering in Africa for

Author(s): SACKEY, S.M. (PhD)


  • Global competitiveness and economic success depend on capacity to generate, develop, and utilize knowledge for betterment of societies, strongly linked to engineering higher education.
  • Abu-Goukh et. al.(2013) [1] analysed the impact of engineering curriculum reform on economic growth and sustainability, and Markes (2006) [2] and Thom (1998) [3] focused on industry’s perspective and its demands on engineering graduates.
  • Quality education has become the main gate to human capital development, which is now counted as the most important determinant of national sustainable development
  • ME an underpinning factor of industrial and socioeconomic development ME in Africa only now emerging and is yet to demonstrate any real impact on economic development


Purpose of research: to investigate the relevance of mechanical engineering higher education to socio-economic development in Africa.

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