Designed Experiments for Studying Delamination in Drilling of Composite Laminates (FRCL)

Author(s): S. M. Sackey , S. P. Owusu-Ofori , F. Nyarko


FRCL remain in use in a variety of engineering applications demanding high product integrity.

Yet delamination remains a major problem associated with drilling of these materials. The intent of this study is to use factorial design methods as a tool in deepening understanding of the delamination phenomenon with regard to the effects of process variables.

Research Purpose

This work proposes to advance knowledge about the modeling and tracking of delamination damage during drilling by using factorial design. The intent is to achieve this by building upon other works in the literature with a view to deepening understanding of delamination damage progression in drilling of fiber-reinforced composite laminates (FRCLs).

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