Effect of Ground Vibrations on Earthing Systems Performance - A Case Study in Western Region, Ghana

Author(s): Rosemond Owusu-Duah


In the mining sector, there is very great demand for work to satisfy the interest of the parties involved. Although there is the use of other mechanical devices like the shovel and pick axes, the method that is most frequently used is blasting with the use of explosives.
• The blasting activities produce vibration which can cause the collapse of a building and underground structures if the vibration level exceeds thestress level of the structure.
• However, these explosives also cause harmful and other negative occurrences such as flying rocks, ground vibrations and noise. The vibrations produced as a result of the blasting activities at certain areas within the mining regions can have negative influence on the earthing system since it can have an effect on the underground systems.

• Measuring of earthing system’s resistance accurately is fundamental to electrical safety. Failure in the electrical earthing system can have an adverse effect on the safety of humans and the electrical equipment. This project therefore looks at the ground vibrations produced by blasting activities on earthing systems and suggests the appropriate ways to protect earthing systems used in vibration prone area in the mining communities
• In this study, the effect of vibrations produced by blasting activities on the earthing system are assessed by taking and recording measurement of ground vibrations caused by blasting at various areas. Alongside this, the earth resistance tests are also be done and physical inspection conducted to detect damages to the earth rod

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