Exploring Education-Industry Cooperation Strategies for Increasing Graduate Employment Opportunities

Author(s): Dr Benjamin Aggrey Ntim


Graduate unemployment in USA relatively low compared to the situation
in Europe. Ref -The Accenture Strategy (2015) U.S.A College Graduate
Employment Study – Unemployment rate among young graduates- 4.5%.
Here young graduates are not being offered learning experiences in
industry that advance their carriers. Indeed, these graduates are opting
for carriers in relatively small companies and shunning away from the
traditional sectors like energy, insurance and communications.

• Graduate unemployment in Europe far worse than in USA.
Ref- Trendence Institute in Berlin as reported by the
Guardian Newspaper, 2013

• Survey of 320,000 graduates captured in the study. Young
graduates waiting months for their first jobs and some
prepared to take on unpaid internships to get a foot on the
ladder or else emigrate.

• By 2015 graduate unemployment reached 62.5% in Greece
and 50% of Greeks and Spaniards were willing to to

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