Private Virtual Infrastructure for Security of EHR in a Cloud Computing Environment

Author(s): Emmanuel Kusi Achampong & Clement Dzidonu


This study focuses on the use of Private Virtual Infrastructure (PVI) to enhance the security of Electronic Health Records (EHR) in a Cloud Computing Environment (CCE)


• Electronic health record (EHR) is a patient record which is shared among various health workers and environments, by computing networks that connect the different departments within healthcare organization (Zhang, Liu, & Xue, 2010).
• Cloud computing is an online processing and storage system where resources, information and software are shared and provided to computing devices over the internet (Nayyar, 2011).

• Abstraction eliminates knowledge of the core structure of storage, processors and networking and it makes the cloud computing environment to be pervasive (Reddy & Reddy, 2011).

• Therefore, cloud computing requires a new security model for ensuring trust between CSPs and clients.

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