Role Change Of Lecturers’ Due To The Adoption Of Elearning: A Conceptual Framework

Author(s): Mateko Okantey, Dr. Hillar Addo


Change in the role of lecturers has been discussed by Addo (2001), Wake et al (2007), Odura & Matoti (2015) and several authors.

The adoption of e-learning as well as the factors that influence its adoption has been largely researched. Harden & Crosby (2000); Wake et al (2007) etc.

Adoption of e-learning in education brings about a change in the role of lecturers. The role of the lecturer is changing from an authoritarian subject specialist, knowledge provider to:

  • A facilitator of knowledge
  • A creator or producer of knowledge
  • A person who uses ICTs to guide learners to develop their own knowledge, comprehension, tools and solutions (Addo, 2001).


  • Review of literature shows that most research work focus on either e-learning adoption or role change. The connection or linkage between e-learning adoption and role change has not been fully researched.
  • This paper proposes a framework to highlight the relationship between e-learning adoption by lecturers and the change in role of lecturers at the various stages of teaching.
  • For e-learning to be successful, instructors and students have to change their attitudes, beliefs and behaviour to successfully adopt the use of technology.

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