The Role of Culture and trust in Electronic Banking Adoption: A Review

Author(s): Aimufua, Gilbert.I.O. and Dzidonu, C.K.


Internet Technology has significantly impacted our world and changed the way businesses and service delivery are executed at both corporate and individual basis
• These changes have brought benefits to the different organizations including govt, health, commerce and banking and to their customers with enhanced products and services.
• Also, it brought windows of opportunities for various institutions to speedily carry out their biz activities
• Ramya et al.,(2014)due to high competitive biz environment, businesses retains their customers as they try to win more
• E-commerce and e-banking services have been adopted in the developed nations (Karimzadeh and Alam, 2012)

• The timely adoption of e-banking systems, coupled with the govt support in most African states is quiet significant for the banks to secure their biz future. Though, this has not reflected in the uptake of their products and services by customers
• Possible constrains towards adoption can be cultural
• Culture plays role in the evolution of mankind and assists them to adapt to the environment and their principles.
• The individual cultural orientation does influence their trust level to adopt and adapt to the new environment
• Understanding cultural differences can lead to creative business operations and permanent advantage (Steenkamp Jan-Benedict, 2001)
• As IS migrates from the originators to divers cultures can create acceptance and adoption of the technology like e-banking
• The reviews of studies on the influence of culture on trust are relevant to
e-banking adoption.

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