Towards Risk Reduction on Technological Failures in Interactive Video Communication Systems

Author(s): Kumi M. A. and Dzidonu C. K.


User-feedback on video communication systems is essential in enhancing successes of video communication projects.
• The objective is to analyze factors that reduce risks of technological failures in video
communication in smallholder farming society.
• Theoretical analysis of interactions between learner-based video communication systems and target audiences were carried out learner-based video communication systems among smallholder farmers.
• Diverse smallholder farmers who constitute the target audiences were presented as
communication nodes
• Communication links and connection in social, cultural and economic relationships that lead to interactive deliberations, discussions, consultations and consensus building were denoted by arrows and double arrows in a framework.
• Theoretically derived frameworks reveal complex matrix of network of social experiences of audiences in several interdependent relationships: Altering objective outcomes, and predicting on the one hand:
– multiple outcomes of interactive video communications.
– differences in decisions of audiences towards different applications of contents of video communication by society.
– confusions, conflicts, and misunderstandings of audiences
On the other hand,
• Proposes achievement of joint optimization towards closure and stabilization of video communication designs in society.
– thereby, reducing technological failures.

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