Impact Of Parental Involvement In Early Childhood Education

Sophia Patience Graham

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Impact Of Parental Involvement In Early Childhood Education

On Children’s Socialization In Ahanta West- Nzema District

This paper explored the impact of parental involvement in early childhood education pertaining to
socialization of pre-school children in Ahanta West-Nzema District in the Western Region of
Ghana. All parents, teachers and children in preschools in Ahanta West-Nzema District were
targeted. The methodology employed was that of mixed method, and data was analyzed using
Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) and Analysis of Covariance (ANCOVA). The study revealed that
the provision of good housing and healthy environment, good health care, and the creation of home
conditions that support children’s learning leads to improvement in pre-school child’s
socialization. This paper also contends that pre-school children’s socialization is enhanced when
parents are involved in provision of needed tools and machinery for the child, assists the preschool
child in their homework, groom children to have time for school work, motivate children to work
hard, showing, attending school parents’ meetings to discuss children’s issues and do support
school programs. This study also found that communication between parents, teachers and
preschool children is important in children’s socialization which tends to have adverse positive
effect on other school activities.