International Research Initiatives Conference (IRIC) 2019

International Research Initiatives Conference (IRIC) – 2019

21-22 August, 2019, Accra, GHANA

The International Research Initiatives Conference - IRIC-2019 will take place on 21st -22nd August 2019 at the City Campus of the Accra Institute of Technology (AIT) at Kokomlemle.


IRIC is an annual multi-disciplinary international research-focused conference for researchers and practitioners involved in research initiatives at universities and research institutions in developing and developed countries. Nations all over the world are investing in promoting research initiatives targeted at their respective national development efforts as well as aimed at moving the frontier of knowledge in a number of targeted critical research fields and areas. The advanced nations are in the fore-front of a number of major national research and R&D initiatives, with an increasing number of the developing countries following their footsteps to make research initiatives a priority area of national efforts.


IRIC is designed to serve as an international forum for presenting and discussion of outputs of on-going research efforts as well as serve as an avenue for sharing of experiences of researchers and for networking among researchers and practitioners on an international level.


The focus of IRIC-2019 is therefore on showcasing the outputs of on-going national research initiatives within the universities, research institutions and national research laboratories targeted at various aspects of science, technology and innovation (STI) as well as those targeted at innovative business and management. The aim is to present within the context of an international conference,recent developments and progress made in research work in terms of theory, practice and applications particularly major R&D efforts in the various subject areas and disciplines of focus of the conference.

IRIC-2019 will focus on the following thematic areas and fields:

  • Science, Technology and Innovation (STI)
  • Advances in Computing Science
  • Educational Technology and Innovation
  • Food and Agriculture Technologies and Innovation
  • Engineering and Infrastructure
  • Health, Energy and the Environment
  • Business, Management and Entrepreneurship
  • R&D and Product Innovation