Author's Guide

In the following section, you will find a comprehensive list of rules meticulously crafted to guide the formatting of documents. These guidelines are designed to ensure a uniform and professional presentation, enhancing clarity and readability in your written materials.


  • Margins: Top: 1.0 inch, Bottom: 1.0 inch

  • Left: 1.0 inch, Right: 1.0 inch

  • Paper: Portrait, A4 size (8.27-inch x 11.69 inches)

  • Header/Footer: 0.4 inch each

  • Title of Article: ( Times New Roman, Font size 16)

  • Author(s) Name: (Times New Roman, Font size 11)

  • Affiliation and Address: (Times New Roman, Font size 9)

  • Abstract: (Times New Roman, Font size 10)

  • Keywords: (Times New Roman, Font size 9)

  • All Text: (Times New Roman, font size 10, single-spaced, justify both sides, first line of all paragraphs indented; No Line Breaks between Paragraphs)

  • Photographs: (JPG and GIF format; Inserted immediately after the citation in the text)

  • Tables: (Times New Roman, font size 10; Inserted immediately after the citation in the text)

  • Reference Style: (Use APA Referencing Style)

  • File Format: ( File Format is pdf)

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