Extended Abstracts must be submitted in pdf format. Submissions should not exceed 12 pages, including references, but excluding an optional appendix.

The introduction should be a broadly accessible exposition of the main ideas and techniques used to achieve the results, including motivation and a clear comparison with related work. In particular, the introduction should convey to the non-expert why the paper should be accepted.

The main acceptance criteria used by the Technical and Scientific Committee are the quality and originality of the research, plus its interest to people working in the field. It is crucial that the importance of the work is understood by the committee. The claimed results should be correct and new.

A paper will not be considered in the following cases:

  • It has been already published;
  • It has been submitted to a journal or to another conference with proceedings before the notification date;
  • It has a member of the Program Committee among its authors;

It is submitted after the submission deadline.

Extended Abstracts will be reviewed according to the standards of other top tier refereed conferences. It is expected that revised and extended versions will subsequently be submitted for publication in appropriate journals.

Guide on how to write Abstracts

You may want to access the following Guide on-how to write Abstracts for Research Conference / Academic Journal papers.
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