Comparative Study Of Non-Uniformity On The Transverse Motion Of Non-Uniform Rayleigh Beam With Variable Axial Force Stationed On Bi-Parametric Foundation Under Moving Point And Constant Distributed Loads

Author(s): ADEWUYI, Oyetade Sunday


The concept of structural dynamics deals with moving loads on different structural members; studies in this area are enormous and have been of interest to Engineers, Applied Mathematicians and Applied Physicists. The construction of sophisticated structural systems in the early part of the 19th century drew the attention of many researchers to this area of study as the problem of moving loads exist in a wide variety of applications such as in the automotive and aircraft braking systems, conveyer systems, rail mechanics, noise from spinning floppy and hard discs of computer, belt drives (carrying machine chains), bridge or ground excitations from travelling vehicles and also in the vibrations produced by machining processes from different manufacturing industries.

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